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Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that aims to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, but also to improve the quality of life. The treatment aims to rebuild the damaged teeth, be it a single tooth or complete lack of teeth. Moreover, during the process of treatment patients may also correct an unwanted shape of their teeth. Solutions offered by our clinic include: veneers, crowns (including crowns attached to implants), bridges, inlays/onlays, as well as removable dentures.

During prosthetic procedures, components imitating a single tooth, teeth or only part of a tooth are installed. They are produced at a prosthetic lab and are adapted to the individual needs of every patient, so that they harmonize best with the natural teeth. Materials used currently let us achieve aesthetically perfect effects, moreover they are incredibly durable and comfortable.

The wide range of procedures we offer at K2 Dental means that in almost every case we are able to offer a satisfactory method. The best solution is selected by our doctors after a careful consultation with the patient.

Always in consideration of the high requirements of our patients, we offer the option of full-ceramic crowns and zirconium crowns, which provide very high level of aesthetics and add an amazing glow to the smile. These are prosthetic crowns that do not contain metal in their foundation, ensuring a better light penetration, and thus helping achieve a more natural look of the teeth. Our offer includes:

  • porcelain crowns and bridges,
  • metal-free crowns and bridges (all-ceramic and zirconium),
  • porcelain veneers,
  • crown-root inlays,
  • acrylic and skeletal dentures,
  • prosthetics based on complex systems of locks and latches.

Prosthetics – indications

Prosthetic procedures are often performed for aesthetic reasons, but not only – it is often a matter of health. Small deficiencies may impact the entirety of the dental arch, moreover, patients may experience problems with the digestive system and speech impediments. In addition, missing teeth may cause periodontal disease and caries. Indications for procedure are:
  • complete or partial lack of dental tissue,
  • dissatisfaction with the shape or color of the teeth.