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Endodontics / Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment under a microscope is a method of advanced treatment of teeth with complicated root anatomy (strongly curved canals, branching on the course of the canal) and complicated cases (perforation, broken tool, cracks etc.). In modern dentistry, root canal treatment with the use of a microscope is advised in basically every case of teeth treatment, especially when it comes to molars. Inside these particular teeth there are often “hidden” additional canals which may be invisible without proper enlargement.

Image enlargement and appropriate lighting of the treatment area, i.e. the interior of a tooth, makes it possible for the doctor to observe the details of its anatomy. Thus, it allows a proper execution of the root canal treatment, with the maximum use of the currently available treatment techniques.

What is root canal treatment?

This treatment method consists of removing from the inside of a tooth the dental pulp (sometimes referred to as “a nerve” by the patients) which is inflamed, clearing all canals and filling them with specially designed materials. The next step after root canal treatment is proper reconstruction of the tooth crown. We usually offer root canal treatment when a patient visits our clinic due to a severe toothache. However, sometimes, for various reasons, the dental pulp slowly dies without any symptoms. It is only after taking an X-ray picture and a dental examination that the doctor is able to qualify such a tooth for endodontic treatment, despite the fact that patient does not complain about toothache.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

This treatment is executed in local anesthesia, thus the procedure is painless. At times, after an appointment the tooth may be sensitive, hurt when biting and a momentary radiating pain may appear. This is due to tooth irritation by the treatment process alone. To put it in simpler terms, the tooth can be considered "wounded", like e.g. a wound stitched by a surgeon which may bother us for some time.

How long does root canal treatment take?

Currently it is advised to execute root canal treatment during one appointment. However, oftentimes complicated anatomy (e.g. calcified, narrow canals) or difficulties encountered during the repeated root canal treatment (material difficult to remove, a broken tool, narrowing of a canal) may cause the treatment process to prolong. We always try to warn our patients about the expected number of appointments, but we are not always able to predict it before opening up the tooth. Usually it is expected to be 2, max. 3 appointments.

What equipment do we offer at our clinic?

To achieve maximum effectiveness our doctors may use:

  • Zeiss dental microscope,
  • Reciproc Silver VDW endodontic micromotor,
  • EQ-V system for filling canals with liquid gutta-percha,
  • koferdam,
  • RomiApex endometers,
  • Carestream (Kodak) and Vatech X-ray,
  • 3D CBCT Vatech Green 16 computer tomograph.

Why is K2 Medical & Dental Clinic the best choice for root canal treatment?

  • Specialized, innovative equipment which provides means for comprehensive and precise treatment – a microscope, a 3d tomograph, X-ray, endometres
  • Painless procedures – the procedure is preceded by the administration of local anesthesia at the patient’s request
  • Decades of experience – the clinic has been on the market for over 20 years