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Oral surgery

Why is K2 Dental the best choice when it comes to oral surgery procedures?

  • Experienced staff – experts in the field of oral surgery.

    There are two dentists working at our clinic with a second degree specialization in the field of dental surgery – Krystian Krupski, MD, PhD and Edyta Kwiecińska, MD. Both have been performing surgical procedures for many years.

  • We treat the most difficult cases

    The knowledge and experience of our surgeons allows them to treat even the most complex cases in the field of dental surgery.

  • Latest equipment

    • For the planning as well as the professional and safe execution of surgical procedures our doctors use specialized equipment, such as:
    • the latest generation digital computer tomograph for 3D X-ray images;
    • digital pantomographic and cephalometric cameras from Vatech and Carestream Kodak;
    • X-ray devices for intraoral - tooth imaging by Vatech and Kodak;
    • 3 Shape intraoral scanner for digital imaging of the entire oral cavity;
    • surgical lasers that help in precise, minimally invasive and safe execution of a surgical procedure;
    • 3D reconstruction computer for planning of surgical and implantological procedures;
    • programs for digital design of implantological and prosthetic works, as well as minimally invasive surgerical procedures.

  • Comprehensive treatment

    A team of experts and the latest multifunctional specialized equipment allows all of the stages of the surgical treatment to be performed at K2 Dental clinic.

Surgical procedures at K2 Medical & Dental Clinic are performed in a minimally invasive and safe manner

Oral surgery – spectrum of the performed procedures

Oral surgery is one of specializations of dentistry. It deals with surgical treatment in the oral cavity area. This applies to lesions and abnormalities occurring in soft tissues (gums, mucosa), hard tissues (bones) and teeth. It is mostly focused on procedures which do not require hospital treatment. The procedures are performed by a dental surgeon, i.e. a dentist who has completed a specialization in this field.

Most frequently performed procedures:

  • extractions (or removal) of baby and permanent teeth that can no longer be saved by conservative treatment;
  • extractions of impacted or incorrectly positioned in the bone teeth – most often these are wisdom teeth;
  • extractions of teeth with a complex root system which cannot be removed in the usual way or of broken roots that the general dentist was not able to handle (e.g. tooth chiseling);
  • procedures related to preparation for prosthesis or orthodontic treatment, e.g. undercutting of a lip or tongue frenulum;
  • alveolar plastic surgery – a plastic closure of the oral-sinus joint which sometimes occurs when using molars in the jaw;
  • resection of tooth root tips which could not be fully cured during root canal treatment;
  • surgical removal of inflammation, i.e. incision and drainage of intraoral abscesses;
  • pre-implantological procedures aimed to create appropriate bone conditions for implantation (including closed and open maxillary sinus lift, controlled bone regeneration);
  • inserting dental implants;
  • removal of lesions in the area of the oral cavity (hypertrophy, benign and malignant tumors, cysts etc.)
  • traumatic surgery (patients after accidents, fractures of the jaw, mandible, tooth replantations, etc.).
Indications for oral surgery must be based on a thoroughly collected patient history, clinical examination and specialized radiological tests. Our clinic offers the latest digital radiography system and 3D computer tomography from Vatech which helps us in planning as well as professional and safe execution of surgical procedures.