Dental Care

About Dental Care in K2 Dental

We all should visit a dentist twice a year. Most of people do it quite regularly but do you know what exactly dental care is? It is also called dentistry, dental medicine or oral medicine. It is a part of medicine which focuses on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorder or diseases of jaw, especially teeth.

Our offer in K2 Dental

The scope of the dental offer in K2 Dental is very wide. The big part is conservative dentistry. It is one of the fundamental disciplines of dental care. Conservative dentistry is aimed at the prevention of caries as well as the treatment of teeth in which inflammation has occurred. Modern dentistry offers a range of solutions in the field of prophylaxis and improvement of aesthetics – for example:

  • whitening: you may get whiter teeth during one visit that lasts approx. 45 minutes. You should remember that final results will depend on your natural bone colour. Results last approx. 2 years,
  • descaling: in this procedure scale is torn off the teeth using one of the progressive techniques such as: ultrasounds, sounds, laser or the chemical method (a perhydrol solution that dissolves the stone is applied). Descaling may be followed by sandblasting,
  • caries treatment: caries is one of the most common problem in dentistry. With regular dental check-ups, very large losses are rare. Small ones can be completed with seal during one visit,
    root canal treatment under a microscope: in case of advanced decay root canal treatment may be necessary. It is used when an irreversible inflammation of the pulp of the tooth occurs,
  • sealing: the procedure protects teeth against decay. It is performed in children as soon as permanent teeth appear,
  • varnishing: it is carried out in both children and adults. This treatment involves applying a varnish to the teeth, which gradually releases fluoride. As a result, the enamel is strengthened and resistant to acids and bacteria. The risk of dental caries can be reduced by up to 40%.

Dentistry is also about taking care of the aesthetic of teeth. Modern technologies allow us to fill the gaps in teeth and correct their shape. These solutions not only will make your teeth look better, but also will improve the comfort of everyday life. In K2 Dental we use such techniques as:
veneers: these are thin flakes made of porcelain or composite that are glued to the front wall of the teeth. veneers can reduce many defects such as:

  • crooked teeth, discoloration, broken tooth, too small teeth, uneven teeth, unsymmetrical teeth,
  • implants: these are artificial roots,
  • crowns: they look like overlays, imitating single teeth,
  • dental bridges: they are used in the case of a lack of one or more teeth.

Do you need the perfect smile? Implants from K2 Dental may be the answer!

implanty zęboweWe know how important it is to have the perfect smile. Even small defects may cause complexes as well as a worse quality of life. Luckily, in K2 Dental we have a solution for it – implants (or one implant)!

Dental implants are artificial roots. They are the size of the natural and their shape resembles a screw. They are inserted into the bone. As soon as they integrate with the jaw we put on a crown, bridge, or we make a full reconstruction. Dental implants can be used in the absence of one tooth, several teeth, as well as in the complete absence of teeth.

In our dentist office we use the most modern technologies, thanks to which the implants are incredibly long-lasting and aesthetic – they are indistinguishable from natural teeth. In K2 Dental we use products from renowned brands – Bego and Bicon – which stand out with years of experience, safety and the highest quality.

Forget about pain! In K2 Dental you don’t need to be afraid of a dentist anymore!

In K2 Dental pain practically doesn’t exist. There are many solutions that reduce discomfort during the visit. Depending on the procedure performed, we can use the ideal local anesthesia. There is no pain during the visit as well as after leaving our office.