Price list for Dentistry

Price list for Dentistry/ Implantology (short version)

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(Prices in PLN)


(Surgical, prosthodontic, implantological)


Oral cavity examination

(Decay examination)


Checking after surgical procedures



Tooth extraction180
Wisdom tooth extraction280
Tooth chiseling400
Detained tooth chiseling (upper jaw)680
Detained tooth chiseling (lower jaw)730
Biomaterials (depends on size)530 – 2500
– incisors, canines630
– premolars, molars730
Closing oro-antral communication450
Curettage closed (every quarter)220
Curettage open (every quarter)250
Sinus lift (open or external method)3000
Sinus-lift (closed or internal method)1900
Bone block or soft tissue transplantation1700 – 2600
Connective tissue transplantation1400
Recession with connective tissue transplantation1400
Laser labial or tongue frenectomy350

Conservative dentistry

Composite filling class 1210
Composite filling class 2, 3, 4250
Composite cervical filling160
Composite multilayer filling250 – 300
Composite filling of milk tooth160
Reconstruction on anchors360
Reconstruction on glass post360
Whitening with Laser or Beyond Lamp1000
Scaling + sandblasting260
Root canal treatment (x-ray included)
– frontal teeth450
– premolars560
– molars750
Re-endo (x-ray included)
– frontal teeth580
– premolars680
– molars850
Microscope root canal treatment+200


Porcelain crown on Co-Cr (fused to metal)870
Porcelain crown on Co-Cr with special lab effects (fused to metal)950
Point of porelain bridge870 – 950
Porcelain veneer1400
Zircon crown1600
Full-ceramic crown1600
Zircon or full-ceramic crown with special labor effects1680
Temporary crown (built in-house)80
Temporary crown (built in lab)270
Maryland porcelain bridge (1 tooth)1000
Maryland composite bridge (1 tooth)900
Root canal post500
Root canal post – multiple600
Frame denture2000
Frame denture on latches or bolts2100
Bolt ASC500
Bolt CEKA600
Acrylic denture – partial arch1500
Acrylic denture – full arch1700


Implant Bego (S-line, RI-line, MINI)2700
Implant Bego (RS, RSX)2800
Implant Bicon (Short, Max, Narrow)2800
Implant Astra EV3000
Porcelain crown on Co-Cr (fused to metal) (Bego)2600
Porcelain crown on Co-Cr (fused to metal) (Bicon)2700
Porcelain crown on Co-Cr (fused to metal) (Astra)2800
Full-ceramic or zircon crown (Bego)2800
Full-ceramic or zircon crown (Bicon or Astra)2900
Full-ceramic or zircon crown
with zircon or hybrid abutment (Bego)
Full-ceramic or zircona crown with indiv. abutment Atlantis (Astra)3100
Individual titanium abutment+250
Denture supported on two implants (locators)5000
Denture supported on four implants (locators)7000
Complicated restorations – individually estimated prices

Orthodontics *

Orthodontic consultation90
Diagnostic impressions80
Removable bracesPrice
Removable braces500 – 1000
Oral screens120 – 150
Control visit to assess the treatment with removable braces50
Repair/modification of removable bracesfrom 100
Fixed bracesPrice
Metal fixed braces

  • Standard
  • Self-ligating braces
(1 arch)

  • 2000
  • 2800
Aesthetic braces2600
Partial fixed braces1200
Control visit to assess the treatment with fixed braces100 – 200
Removal of fixed braces with installation of retention elements (separately upper and lower jaw)400 + 300
Control visit to assess retention treatment50
Palatal bar300
Pendulum, Haas700 – 1000
Reverse headgear450
Fixed space maintainer250
Clear Aligner bracesPrice
Consultation + impressions + computer analysis of models500
Clear Aligner (1 stage of treatment / 1 dental arch)700

*prices apply to the clinic in Gdańsk

Computer tomography 3D, X-ray diagnostics

Tooth picture30
Pantomographic (panoramic) picture80
Cephalometric picture80
Tomography 3D of maxilla or mandible (one jaw)250
Tomography 3D maxilla and mandible (both jaws)400
Tomography 3D of a single tooth150