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Do you dream about the perfect smile? Do you feel insecure because of the lack of your teeth? Visit K2 Dental and see how we can change your life for better!

Unfortunately, not everyone are blessed with the perfect smile. Deficiencies in teeth, even minor ones, often cause huge complexes and significantly affect the quality and comfort of everyday life. Fortunately, innovative dentistry knows the perfect solution - dental implants. BEGO Semandos SC / SCX

In K2 Dental we use only the best implants which are from well-known and reputable medical groups:

  • Bego,
  • Bicon,
  • Dentsply Astra,
  • Straumann.


Dental implants at K2 Medical & Dental Clinic


  • Innovative equipment: the latest generation 3D computer tomograph from Vatech that allows 3D analysis of jaw and mandible bones with imaging of temporomandibular joints and 3 Shape intraoral scanner for digital imaging of the entire oral cavity as well as surgical lasers that help in precise, minimally invasive and safe surgical procedures;
  • Implants are inserted only by doctors specialized in the field of dental surgery – Krystian Krupski, MD, PhD and Edyta Kwiecińska, MD, who provide extensive surgical experience and a high percentage of success of the implantological treatment which exceeds 97%; Krystian Krupski, MD, PhD is a medical consultant for implantology and prosthetics for international companies Bego and Bicon, as well as a specialist conducting training in implantology.


  • K2 Dental has been on the market for over 20 years
  • Over 20,000 inserted dental implants
  • Comprehensive treatment of even the most complex cases. Our experience and unique skills in the field of dental surgery allow us to conduct all implantological procedures – starting with a single dental implant and ending with the most difficult cases, e.g. associated with bone reconstruction, transplantation or elevation of the maxillary sinus.


  • In our implantological practice we use implants from well-known and reputable medical companies Bego, Bicon and Astra, which provides patients with access to the latest technologies with a very wide spectrum of application.


  • Patients receive a full portfolio of their X-ray pictures, that is panoramic dental X-ray pictures and 3D pictures, an evaluation with a cost estimate, a plan and time needed to finish the treatment, and the exact type of implants and prosthetics that will be utilized.

Types of implants

BEGO has been associated with implantology for more than 20 years and for over 100 years with dental prosthetics. Its products are distinguished by the highest German quality and the reasonable price. On the other hand, there are American Bicon implants that are based on the huge, well-documented researches of its products, which the group has been selling for over 45 years! Dentsply Astra is the well known and reputable Scandinavian medical company (the source of dental implantology). Straumann is now the largest company in the world from Switzerland. We also cooperate with that company because of their experience.

Why do we use these particular systems?

We want to provide our patients with access to the best and the most up-to-date technologies that has wide spectrum of application.

At the same time, we care about the development, clinical and diagnostic education of our staff in the field of implantology. The best evidence is active and frequent participation in national and international courses and congresses.

We belong to the most prestigious implantological societies, including:

  • PSI (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Implantologiczne - Polish Implantological Association);
  • ICOI (The International Congress of Oral Implantologists);
  • DGOI (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Orale Implantologie).

We encourage you to read general information on implantology in K2 Dental. If you have any questions about implantology in our clinic, we invite you to a medical consultation, during which we will try to dispel any doubts.

What are dental implants?

implantsSimply speaking, dental implants are ‘artificial roots’ of a size similar to the natural ones. Their shape most often resembles a screw. They are usually made of 4th grade titanium and are put into the bone. As soon as they integrate with the jaw, a crown or a bridge may be applied on top of them. It is also possible to reconstruct the full arch in the form of a bridge or prosthesis (permanently attached, i.e. in all-on-four or mobile technique, so-called overdenture based on locators or beams).

Dental implants can be used in the absence of one tooth, several teeth as well as in the total absence of teeth. These are incredibly effective treatments - artificial teeth are indistinguishable in comparison with our natural ones.

In which cases dental implants are recommended?

Dental implants are recommended in case of lack of teeth, including:
  • lack of a single tooth,
  • lack of several teeth – adjacent as well as in different places in the mouth,
  • lack of all teeth,
  • interdental deficiencies.

Dental implants: contraindications

Contraindications preventing the implementation of dental implants may include both local and general factors. Treatments are not performed in such cases as:
  • mucosal abnormalities in place of the planned implant,
  • lack of space in the occlusion, preventing the prosthetic crown from being made,
  • insufficient height or width of the alveolar process of the maxilla or mandible,
  • significant tooth inclination,
  • diabetes,
  • blood coagulation disorders,
  • periodontitis,
  • osteoporosis,
  • cancer,
  • AIDS,
  • pregnancy,
  • age below 18 years.
Most of the contradictions are relative. That means that they may pass and as soon as it will happen implants may be performed. For this reason it is important to choose the best clinic, where detailed diagnostics are carried out.

Before placing implants

The very first step is consultation with the doctor. It is important to know the patient's expectations, possibilities and medical history. The doctor will ensure that the surgery is possible and will answer to all questions.

The next step is dental examination. The doctor must check the condition of soft tissues and the condition of the teeth. An X-ray examination is also performed, sometimes also CT scanner is performed. The dentist also usually asks for additional tests, e.g. blood tests.

Before the surgery it is not advice to smoke. One should also take care of oral hygiene. What’s more, teeth must be perfectly healthy.

How does tooth implant procedure look like?

implantsDental implants are ‘artificial roots’ made of titanium, resembling screws. The first step is implantation. The procedure begins with anesthesia. Then a hole is drilled and the implant is put. This procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours - it depends, among other things, on the number of implants and the technical difficulties involved.

After the procedure, the wound is sutured. Over the next few weeks the implant fuses with the bone. In classical implantology, it is only after a few months that the dental crown can be attached.

Types of dental implants in K2 Dental

In K2 Dental we use Bego, Bicon, Dentsply Astra and Straumann implants. Among Bego implants we offer:
  • Bego Semados S-line,
  • Bego Semados RI-line,
  • Bego Semados MINI,
  • Bego Semados RS/RSX,
  • Bego Semados SC/SCX.
These are implants with a classic form of a screw. Bicon implants are so-called short implants, which means that their length can be only 5mm. This is an excellent solution for patients that couldn’t have implants placed due to their length.

After the application of dental implants

After leaving the office, patients usually do not feel pain right away, because anesthesia is still working. Pain may begin to appear after about two hours. You can take painkillers, over-the-counter ones or prescribed by a doctor ones. If you have severe pain, seek medical care.

In addition, swelling may appear after the procedure. It is worth immediately, without waiting for its appearance, apply cold compresses to the cheeks.

After the procedure, bleeding may occur. As time goes by it will become lighter. This condition can last for several hours. In case of excessive bleeding (persisting after 5-6 hours), remove any clot with a sterile dressing and bite the new one with teeth. It should be replaced after 20 minutes. If you still bleed after replacing it several times, contact your doctor.

After the procedure follow a few rules:

  • do not drink or eat anything for at least two hours after leaving the office,
  • immediately after the procedure you should rest,
  • for several days it is good to avoid hot and spicy dishes as well as to eat food that do not need to be bitten,
  • the mouth should be rinsed with a special disinfectant after each meal,
  • the next day after the procedure, you can brush your teeth very gently, only with a new and soft brush.

The results

As a result of treatment, we can fill the lack of an individual tooth, several teeth as well as all of them. It is worth remembering that the whole process takes at least several months. However, the effects are extremely satisfying. Currently, implants are extremely durable and safe.

Do you want to have implants done in a professional and safe way? In K2 Dental you will meet the best dentists that can give you the new smile!