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The K2 team consists of dental specialists in: dental surgery, prosthetics, conservative dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics and dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists and also aesthetic medicine specialists. K2 Medical&Dental Clinic is also a team of certified hygienists and dental assistants who are trying to meet the needs of patients.

The entire K2 Medical&Dental Clinic team is led by PhD. Krystian Krupski. He is supporting the team substantively and setting the direction of the clinic’s development.

Clinic services include:

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Satisfied patients
Best dental care

K2 Medical&Dental Clinic is a highly specialised medical and dental clinic founded in 1991 by PhD. Krystian Krupski.

Modern equipment

K2 Medical Dental Clinic is an entity focused on continuous development. Our surgeries are equipped with the most modern equipment.

Guarantee for services

Our dentists can deal with any problem because of our knowledge, experience and modern equipment. We guarantee our services: every patient receives a guarantee for the treatments.

Experienced team

K2 Medical&Dental Clinic has a team of excellent doctors which also allows for a constant exchange of experience and acquired knowledge between team members.

Professional treatment

The effectiveness and professionalism of our dentists in Gdynia and Gdansk is confirmed by membership in prestigious Polish and international implantology societies - PSI, ICOI and DGOI.

We kindly invited you to use the services of the K2 Medical&Dental Clinic.

The Clinics in Gdansk and Gdynia are located in the vicinity of the SKM and PKM stations (called: “Gdansk Wrzeszcz” and “Gdynia Glowna”), which ensures easy and fast access from the entire Tricity, as well as from Lech Walesa Airport (station: “Gdansk Rebiechowo”).

K2 Medical & Dental Clinic

K2Medical & Dental dental and implant clinic with facilities in Gdansk and Gdynia. Check our offer and convince yourself of the high quality of our services.

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